TRE  Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises UNLOCK your body’s  NATURAL HEALING MECHANISMS  to release tension and bring physical and emotional healing.

Where does TRE come from?

Dr David Berceli, a former monk is the founder of TRE. He was stationed in the war torn areas of the Middle East and Africa for 15 years. He dedicated his life to helping people in war and disaster areas. This gave him many years of experience and insight in the way people react to trauma.

Dr Berceli made the connection between the stress reaction in the body and the natural release of stress via the neurogenic tremors. He realized that tremoring releases the trauma in the body, and takes the body back to a state of calm. He also observed that all humans will contract in the foetal position during traumatic experiences, and small children will often have natural tremors afterwards. Older children and adults will not naturally tremor, because they are conditioned to perceiving tremoring as a sign of weakness.

Dr Berceli developed TRE as a unique way of activating the tremors in the body by means of a set of 6 stretch exercises. TRE are easy to learn and the beauty lies in the fact that the patients learn to do it themselves.

It is an amazing natural tool to help every human being, by empowering him/herself to help his/her body back to a state of health and wellbeing.

Dr Berceli has continued with his work all over the globe as CEO of TRAUMA RECOVERY & PREVENTION SERVICES. He has provided specialized assistance to the USA military returning from Iraq. He works with national and international relief agencies and government and non-government organizations whose staff are living and working in trauma-inducing environments. He has successfully used TRE with survivors of HURRICANE KATRINA, various big EARTHQUAKES and TSUNAMIS over the world, as well as war veterans and survivors.

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