TRE  Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises UNLOCK your body’s  NATURAL HEALING MECHANISMS  to release tension and bring physical and emotional healing.

Why use TRE?

Our bodily response to trauma is to fight, flee, or freeze. During trauma or through daily stressors our sympathetic nervous system takes on the task of protecting us from danger and our limbic or primitive brain is triggered to do its job.

Physiologically, our systems are on the alert and the result may be muscular tension, anxiety, or distress. When tension is released anywhere in the body, the brain registers a reduction in pain signals, producing new hormones that promote healing. An enhancing attribute of the TRE process is that the negative effects of trauma are released without having to actually relive, remember or talk about the event.

It can release on both a physical and emotional level caused by work stress, excessive worry, conflict in relationships, physical stresses or traumas from accidents, injuries and operations. Additionally, TRE has been reported to reduce pain, increase mobility and aid in the healing of past injuries.

TRE is being used by thousands of people around the world as a highly effective tool for releasing chronic stress, physical tension and emotional pain. It is a self-empowering method of releasing the everyday stress, tension and anxiety that comes from the daily pressures of life.

Once learned this process can be done on your own with occasional assistance from a certified practitioner. TRE can be facilitated to individuals or in group sessions.

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